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re: You probably forget that all that boring stuff still running under the hood. I wonder how did you come to that question? Do you know that the Hum...

Hi Florian and thanks for your comment!

I've explained that I will interview for a big company so that's why I've raised this question. I'm not arguing that everything under the hood remains the same, but why put so much effort in this part of the interview if there's a small chance to use them in the future?

I'm only asking this question about being relevant in an interview related manner. I'm aware that learning this topic makes us better devs, better human beings in fact.


My apologies because I think I misread that part (And I did read 2 times because I wasn't sure... I'm sorry!!).

One of my best friends work in HR. She tells me every time that a recruit process is no joke. I guess every industry has it way to filter candidates. At least, being positive about it, you can train and prepare yourself for interviews.

Long long ago (in a far away galaxy) when I applied for design positions, like in development interviews I had to do some design tasks to prove my talent. I was rejected for things so stupid like 'I like what you did but it's not trendy enough'. So we have here another topic, about interview process itself.

Like I said before, interesting topic tho (and good luck with your interview ;)!

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