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Joining the Friends of Redgate program 🎉

I’m super excited to announce that today I was notified that I will be joining the Friends of Redgate program! 🎉💃🎊

“What’s the Friends of Redgate?” you ask?

Well, the Friends of Redgate is a program for SQL Server Community members who blog/speak/etc within the community. Redgate helps their Friends by providing collaboration opportunities for community activities, and also some VIP insider access to development teams. As a former Product Manager, I know how important it is to allow development teams direct connection to users of the product, to help provide context and feedback to the way the software gets used in the real world–especially since real world use can be different from what the development team or Product Manager intended the product use to be.

The Friends of Redgate program is a group of influential and active community members, such as popular blog writers, speakers, consultants, as well as Microsoft Data Platform MVPs.

I’m honored that Redgate has welcomed me into the program as a collaborator, and as a Friend. Keep an eye out–I’m hoping I’ll pop up on a Redgate webinare sometime soon!

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