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A few suggestions to increase Machine Learning engagement on DEV

I have joined a couple of months back and is enjoying the community very much. It is a very encouraging community which boosts the confidence of new developers and accepts everyone as their family. The developers of are also very engaging and reply and comment on everyone's post. They listen to the feedbacks given to them.

I am trying to learn Datascience and Machine Learning and I am a bit disappointed in the Dev community for the response of Machine Learning related blogs. There are very few blogs related to machine learning. I wish that I can learn a lot from this website also about Machine Learning and Datascience and so I am giving a few suggestions to improve the engagement on ML.

  • A few more moderators must be added to encourage people to write about ML. A social media campaign may be to write more. The moderators can help in increasing the quality of posts.

  • A weekly competition for articles about ML must be created or a badge for ML as there are for other topics such as Java, Python, Node and JavaScript. This will boost the number of blogs on the topic.

  • A discussion on Machine Learning on Dev discuss and interview of a datascientist on the platform to attract more budding datascientists.

  • Also, one more personal opinion of mine is that we can make this platform a bit different from others by making people to understand how machine learning is applied in real world software projects and deployment of these projects. An example is making android apps enabled with Machine Learning. There are very few places which make people understand how machine learning and software development go hand in hand.

If someone has some other suggestions they can write down in the comment and show your support for a bigger ML community by upvoting the post and sharing it on various Dev community social media platforms.

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