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Setting up Your React Project on Windows.

This article is for beginners who needs some help setting up their react projects or oldies who needs a reference article each time (I check out my notes each time for the setup guide I noted down for a long time)

Alright, quickly.
Open up your command prompt or bash.

Remember: you need to have node installed before you can continue.
Download node here.

Step 1:
CD into the parent directory you would want to house your react project.
In my own case, my documents

Step 2:
Run npm install.

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Step 3:
use npm -v to check out the version of node in your system and to ensure your node package manager installed successfully.

Step 4:
Now its time to create our react app.

Use create-react-app -g myapp

-g installs the create-react-app globally so you don't have to run it each time you want to create an app inside that directory.

Myapp can be any name you want to give your project.

If your project was created successfully, you'd certainly see something similar to what I have here.


Step 5: 
You can also check out the version of your create-react-app

Step 6: 
Change directory into your app.

Step 7:
Run npm start to get your node running.

You've successfully compiled your first react project.

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