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Day 15 Learning Javascript

Ok, I know it's been almost a week since I've posted so there's been a few days between "Day 14" and "Day 15", but I promise I haven't been slacking on those "between" days!

I've actually been going back over a few of the earlier Javascript fundamentals that I learned previously. Mostly because I realized while learning more advanced Javascript concepts, I had forgotten some of the basics. And for me, I typically can't go over this stuff once and instantly get it down. I need repetition to retain all this cool, fascinating, and sometimes frustrating Javascript goodness.

So, to the 5 or so people reading this, hang tight.

Btw/Random: You mean to tell me all this time I've been putting my script tags at the bottom of my HTML like a sucker when I could've just used "async" or "defer"?? Oh Javascript, I love when you make my life easier.

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