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Why did you decide to study Software Engineering?

The reason I have to become a software developer...

“You can focus on your spiritual growth more when you’re not in survival mode living paycheck to paycheck.” 
-Ayodeji Awosika

I come from a low income household and not the most educated. I was the first to graduate from college in my family. My family lived on public assistance for most of my life. I found freedom in a skill which allowed me to further my education at a lower cost than most; playing basketball. Though a scholarship funded my education, I still had to take out student loans. After I earned a degree I was not able to find work in my field, a bachelor's only gets you but so far nowadays. Before this pandemic I was making a $30k salary barely enough to pay rent, eat healthy or enjoy activities out of my home. After fighting myself and beating myself up over the position I was in in life, I discovered a way to financial freedom.

"Today, every company is a Software company. The Software industry is booming and demand for qualified software engineers is expected to increase by over 23% by 2028."

Technology is an essential skill of the world! If you have desires to survive and thrive, learn about technology. The technology industry is trending towards engineers; the need for engineers is very high. The chance to be a part of an organization's decision making and being in those rooms where innovative change is discussed and planned is something that drives me. I’m intrigued by the influence engineers have on a product directly and the impact we can have on a business. Software Engineering is a very collaborative task and I love to immerse myself in team environments. I am very intrigued by the field because of the real world application of the projects. When I learn Software Engineering I will get the necessary preparation and knowledge needed to make a break in this industry.

I have been interested in coding for as long as I can remember, more distinctly, since high school. I have always had the desire but I’ve never been given the chance to be educated formally since then. Learning Software Engineering creates a competitive advantage for myself to gain the attention of employers. Let's be completely transparent, there's $100,000 ON THE TABLE A YEAR!!! I just need to believe in my infinite capacity to learn. I intend to learn new skills for self-enrichment and financial freedom. I intend to start a new in-field job within 60 days of graduating the Flatiron program. With no formal education in this field and no Computer Science degree, it's clear I have an insane amount of self determination to be successful.

The reason I have to become a software developer...

I have a strong desire to learn! Not just programming but in life, I'm a lifelong learner. Yes, adding coding skills will allow me to add value to a business in exchange for gainful employment; but it's about more than money. In fact, I’m enjoying the process of learning that I would do it for free! Engineers are respected and for good reason. Software Engineering is full of twists, turns and roadblocks that can have you thinking, "Can I actually do this?" This journey will be a test of toughness and resilience. I'm constantly reaching out and networking so I can find ambitious people so that I am surrounded by motivated, hard working people! There's an abundance of reasons why I chose to learn Software Engineering, but a key reason is to challenge myself.

The reason I have to become a software developer...

A career in software engineering would be life changing, I would be doing something impactful, something I love and enjoy and can feel fulfilled by and it would financially allow me to have more buying power and freedom for my family and future success. I think of programming as a craft. I was an athlete in college so I truly enjoy craftsmanship. When I put my mind to something, I try to learn as much as possible about it, in hopes of enjoying them more. I love the challenge of programming. I see it as a creative mode of expression. Upon graduating this course my goals are to continuously learn more and more skills to better my craft as an engineer, my education starts with Flatiron School but it doesn't end. My goals include being employed at a company that I feel adds value to the world and aligns with my values. My goals are to earn six figures by 2021 and be able to do more for my family. My goals have always been to contribute to the human advancement through technology. Learning Software Engineering allows me to provide a valued skill to individuals and businesses that can utilize this unique skill. Once I complete Flatiron's course I will have the confidence, the skills and the experience to make an impact on a company and further produce for their bottom line. My goals are to add value to an organization using my coding skills and problem solving ability, I also have desires to create a better life for my family and other coders who come after me.

So that’s it! The plentiful reasons why I chose to embark on this crazy journey of learning Software Engineering. My friends and family think I’m crazy but I know I can do this! Let’s face it, I’m a NERD. I can’t get enough of this! Keep following my journey as I give updates on my story.

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