Build your own React in 90 lines of JavaScript

Ameer Jhan on November 05, 2019

What I cannot create, I do not understand - Richard Feynman When I started learning React I felt whatever it did was pure magic, then I started ... [Read Full]
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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. It definitely helps to understand the "magic"


This is so amazing! I love it. I may do a tutorial some day and I will definitely come back to this post and absolutely tag you! You're awesome.


Intersting and inspiring article!

Can I translate it into Chinese to help more developers?

I will give credit at the top of the article.


I did draw the inspiration from Pomber's post but this post has an all together different approach in implementation, this is way simpler and does not implement hook, vdom and fiber architecture as Pomber's. Is pomber's implementation is 90 lines or was there no post on creating your React before Pomber, Pomber has his own way of making things interesting and this is mine. please read the post before commenting

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