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Discussion on: Better Components with TailwindCSS

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Ameer Jhan

Suppose if a user overrides a utility class intensionally to reflect it across the entire product(say padding-10 to be 12px padding) he is building, it would break the design system guidelines and also breaks the meaning of the utility class, how do you think we can avoid that?

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Aditya Agarwal Author
  1. If say a team does that when just starting to use design system then they'll instead ask the design system to make the change themselves. Design System exist to serve the product.

  2. If say a team makes the change after some time of adapting the DS then they'll potentially change a lot of their product's design. So I think their would be a low probability of this happening.

  3. The design system team has to teach the product teams not to do this at any cost. It's basically a cardinal sin.

  4. The design system team needs to actively monitor the product to see how they're using the design system. If the usage is not recommended then go back to the product team, discuss with them and improve communication channels.