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Frontend Interview questions I had with a Norwegian Startup

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I had the chance to apply for a Norwegian startup in the frontend developer position. Javascript, React, CSS, and API were important parts for them and they didn't mention years of experience in their job description.
After apply I received a link to book time for have a 15 minutes interview. It was a short technical interview which I needed to answer questions in a short way. They could filter candidates with this interview and I believe it is a very useful way.
You can see the questions down below:

  1. Difference between var, let, and const
  2. Describe map and reduce array methods
  3. Difference between regular functions and arrow functions
  4. Do you have experience in CSS Native variables?
  5. How do you center something vertically with flexbox?
  6. Overall difference between React components and functional components and how you manage state in them?
  7. Explain virtual Dom
  8. Explain the concept of two-way data binding
  9. Difference between Promises and async-await in error handling
  10. How could you handle this situation: response to an API request has over 1000 results! (The answer is Pagination)
  11. How do you authenticate in APIs?
  12. Do you know what is Tree shaking in tools like Webpack?
  13. Do you have experience with frontend testing frameworks?
  14. Your branching strategy in Git, describe it
  15. Do you have experience deploying in DevOps platforms?
  16. Do you know what is CI/CD?
  17. Do you prefer to hand-code your CSS or prefer to use libraries?
  18. Do you prefer a specific IDE?
  19. Do you prefer Tabs or spaces? :)

Also after this meeting, they sent feedback with some useful links which could sharpen my skills!
I liked the interview process and wanted to share it with you. Hope you like it.

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