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re: Eh, when I get stuck working on something remotely and am forced to use something for a quick patch, I'll just use nano. Heck, I even got a workf...

Saying that you can also use nano, or or scp to edit locally, can be a constructive comment. :-)

But even with that, it doesn't means that:

  • knowing about vim is useless
  • writing a vim tuto is a waste of time

I don't get the point to go reading let's say a Webstorm tutorial and comment "Hey! this tuto is shit, just use VS Code it's free..."
The title clearly states what the content is about, read it if your interested, add hints about other solutions if you want, but DON'T DENIGRATE, otherwise your just trolling

I'm more comfortable with vim than with nano...
I occasionally use SCP to edit remote JSON configs locally
I like very much VS Code
I mainly use Webstorm at work.

That's me, I won't denigrate nano or any editor, neither tutorial about any of them

Any tuto about any editor is interesting

Are we reading the same comment here? I don't see anything that indicates the tutorial is useless. It's just a joke.

My reply was initially against that reaction:

Why in God's name, will I sacrifice the comfort of a modern text editor like sublime text, for an outdated, ugly, and complicated text editor?

The comment looks to have been deleted but the quote from Ben Halpern on which I replied remains here.

In short it is saying: "Vim sucks (outdated, ugly, complicated). Hey everyone use other things (like sublime), so don't bother with this tuto..."

The blog post isn't asking anyone to change its editor, it is just providing a tutorial.

Maybe I over-reacted a little, but way too much often we see such comments with for main effect to discourage people to share their experiences and bring their contributions (tuto, tools, bug reports) to the community.

So no for me, it is not that much a "joke"

That was the beginning of the article.....

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