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I am currently on WSL, haven't tried going to the insiders build for WSL2 yet due to some college work that I can't risk using. Have you tried out running any testing frameworks like Capybara? Currently figuring out how to run it on mine with little to no success in making chrome behave with WSL XD


I have not tried this. Sounds like it could be challenging.


I know this is a different test framework but I was able to get Chrome (and Chromium, which works better) working in the WSL for Cypress tests using info from this issue on GH

Maybe it'll be of help to you.

I use X410 as my display server, but Xming works just as well.


Sounds interesting, I think that might be what I have to try out too since even though I pass --disable-gpu to chrome headless, it tries to use GPU hardware acceleration and ends up crashing.

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