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Discussion on: 5 Free Tutorials You Should Complete to Master the Back-End

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Anibal • Edited

I don't think backend is 80% of the effort. I think it's the opposite: front-end apps (spa) take most of the work and logic of an application, the backend just serves authentication, authorization and get and saves data.

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Yeah you are correct if we think in the server-side which is older concept and pic in the article also reflects that. If you think in terms of modern web apps, I will say it's 50/50 now. Backend also has many advanced things like caching, different layers, different DBs for different tasks, load balancing etc and client also has got more complex with state management, real time updates to DOM etc.

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Chris Weir

Think that really depends on the application. If you're working on applications that handle things like billing, email reminders, automated tasks and so on most of the logic would be in the backend.