Discussion on: On Science and Software Development

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I don't agree, but this is a long (but interesting) conversation. My disagreement has nothing to do with the importance of the variety of study fields. Kirit mentioned Karl Popper above and the notion of falsifiability. Karl Popper had the opinion that in mathematics, a simple true statement (like 2+2=4) can't be proven false, thus mathematics don't comply with the notion of falsifiability and therefore mathematics is not a science. Bertrand Russell (alongside with Alfred Whitehead) wrote a 362 page essay in his book Principia Mathematica in order to prove that 1+1=2 that took him 10 years and until his death he had a lot of doubts about his work. Computer science is the result of the doubt in mathematical truth and proofness. Take as example the theory of incompleteness by Kurt Goedel.