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Introduction to Composer [Command-line interface pt2]

There are only a few things we can be sure about,

Tomorrow the sun will rise again,
The world is a sphere (despite what someone says)
If you dream of getting a job or progress your career as a PHP developer you MUST learn Composer

Composer is the tool that made PHP what this language it is today.
Just the idea that you can code something useful wrap it into a package and send it out to the open-source world is something amazing.

Same for the opposite, typing a line into your terminal and have full-working framework or component is magical

This tool though even if very simple can be tricky at times.

for this reason,

we have to BE AWARE and learn how to use it properly.

I have put together a comprehensive article that covers all the 30-ish command of Composer including their attributes and flags you can use on it.

go check it out, then bookmark it and use it when you need it!


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