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React eCommerce Site: Hooks, Firebase, and AirBNB Linter

I posted a simple text tutorial a while ago on how to create an eCommerce site using React. The feedback was great and I had a lot of people asking me to do a video showing how to integrate hooks and detail how to keep the Firebase functions organized. I have started a video series going through how to build a simple eCommerce site that you can follow along with:

Video playlist:

GitHub Repo:

Please let me know if the videos are helpful. I recorded them on my ultrawide monitor, thinking that they would allow people to see both the code screen and the site's render. All that did, though, was make the code look a little grainy. I may have to go back and redo everything on a smaller resolution display.

If you watch a video, thank you! Please let me know what kind of feedback you may have!

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