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re: I'm 37-something and just getting started. I'm starting on Udemy, so curious to see what you have to say about it. I worry I'm too old/too late, bu...

You're definitely not too old. It's really funny how many of us worry about that, even people in their 20s - 30s. What course are you doing on Udemy?


I have a couple ready to start with Colt Steele. Very early days, am doing the CSS section of his entry web dev bootcamp.

I did a large portion of that course. Really good stuff.

I have the second one too, advanced I think it's called. Did you have any other recommendations?

That first course is decent. The downside is that it does not teach es6 or any of the new JavaScript features. The end project is huge though, and you can always pick up another course to cover es6+. I'd recommend either Javascript the complete guide 2020 by Maximillian Schwarzmuller, or Andrew Mead's The Modern Javascript bootcamp. Keep in mind you want to take your time going through javascript. For example, once you start getting into writing functions I would take your time going through the course. Take a couple days and just write a ton of functions. My biggest beef with most courses is they dont really provide you with ample practice, despite what they say, so you have to make sure you just take your time, otherwise you'll get stuck. Getting stuck was the reason I switched to Java.

Thanks again. 👍 Have saved those to my wishlist and will have a look later on.

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