Augmented Reality in 10 Lines of HTML

Alexandra Etienne on April 10, 2017

AR.js with A-Frame Magic Do you want to do Augmented Reality on the web ? You can now do it in 10 lines of HTML! Seriousl... [Read Full]
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Is it possible to use my own image instead of Hiro? Like a face with a black border or something?

Hi! Thanks for your interest...this might be able to help

Also - if you're running into any difficulties please report them on the github issue and we'll be happy to help

I would like to know this too, please!

Wow, that's awesome!

This is the kind of project that really brings together Imagination and Engineering at their best ✨

Awesome demo, great execution, good quality 👌

I am really looking forward to play around with these demos 😃


Awesome, thanks for share alexandra

This is remarkable. Amazing demo.

That was really cool. Congrats.

Thanks so much for all the kind words and the support guys! We wanted to make AR seem easy-to-learn for everyone 👍

Excellent demo. Thanks

Really cool stuff

Looks pretty easy.I wanna try it

This is awesome! But I meet an error with message "WebRTC issue! navigator.getUserMedia not present in your browser", how should I solve it?

Hey waihow...make sure that you are not using iOS....also, please report your bug on the github issue and we'll be happy to help 😀

Awesome project! Thanks for sharing

I just tried this in Chrome 58 with the hiro.jpg marker printed out on an 8.5 x 11 and nothing happened. I've never worked AR before... am I missing something? Thanks!

Hi :) Were i dev the 3d to put on scene? Unity? Thankyou :)

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