Handling errors in GraphQL

André König on February 14, 2018

There has been some discussions recently about how to handle errors in GraphQL resolvers. I mentioned apollo-errors because I had very good exper... [Read Full]
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Coincidentally I was reading through that exact part of the spec on errors yesterday and found a few neat things:

  • There is only one requirement for the relationship between data and errors return value: if the query is null/empty there must be an error message

  • The spec recommends that implementations provide a char index in the query in the error message where the error occurred. I don't think all servers I've tried follow this, but the major ones do IME

Overall, the GraphQl spec doesn't enforce a whole lot with the response format - it doesn't even need to be JSON!

I do like that the rules needed to have reliable interaction are pretty rigorously defined but it leaves room for extension of the protocol.


Hey André, thanks for a great post! I'll definitely use some of these pointers in my project.

Do you have any strategy for bulk-adding the handler helmet for all resolvers, without having to wrap all of them explicitly with helmet(resolver)? That'd be useful, at least in the beginning of a project before any needs for custom handling depending on resolver is needed, if ever


I was pointed here by a question I posted on Spectrum:
This is exactly what I needed, thank you! 🙌


Awesome, glad that you like the article. You are very welcome 🙂


Hi, just made an account on dev.to to say thank you for this article! This was a missing piece in the puzzle that is GraphQL for me :).


That means a lot, Kees. Glad the article was the last puzzle piece. Awesome 🙂

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