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Discussion on: setTimeout vs setImmediate vs process.nextTick

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Andreas Jakof

So in your example it will be
nextTick (racer1)
nextTick (racer2)
nextTick (racer3)

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Sachin Goel

This is not going to affect the result anyway.

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Andreas Jakof

Not in this case, but if there are three different callbacks set this way, it might be. That's why I'm asking.
Or are they all called at the same time, if you have enough cores? Then they will be started one after another in FIFO order, but they might end in a different order, even if they are doing exactly the same, because of different workloads on different cores.

As long as they are independent it should not matter ... all hail a functional approach. But if you work on the same object with three different callbacks, this might be a question, that could become very important.

Or is all of this dependent on the browser and its JS implementation?

I clearly (luckily?) don't have enough experience with JS, as I am working mostly in the backend.

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Mark Author

I think they're FIFO, but I definitely wouldn't rely upon that behavior.

Re: using multiple cores, in that case you're probably running an instance of Node on each and using PM2.