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Connecting Excel to Salesforce

Devart Excel Add-in for Salesforce allows you to connect Excel to Salesforce databases, retrieve and load live Salesforce data to Excel, and then modify these data and save changes back to Salesforce. Here is how you can connect Excel to Salesforce and load Salesforce data to Excel in few simple steps.

To start linking Excel to Salesforce, on the ribbon, click the DEVART tab and then click the Get Data button. This will display the Import Data wizard, where you need to create Excel Salesforce connection and configure query for getting data from Salesforce to Excel:

  1. Specify Connection Parameters
  2. Select whether to Store Connection in Excel Workbook
  3. Configure Query to Get Data

Editing Live Salesforce Data

After the data is loaded from Salesforce to Excel, you can work with these data like with usual Excel worksheet. You can instantly refresh data from Salesforce by clicking Refresh on the Devart tab of the ribbon, and thus, always have fresh live data from Salesforce in your workbook.

If you want to edit Salesforce data in Excel and then update Salesforce from Excel, you need to click Edit Mode on the Devart tab of the ribbon first. Otherwise, the changes you make cannot be saved to Salesforce.

After you start the Edit mode, you can edit the data as you usually do it in excel - delete rows, modify their cell values. Columns that cannot be edited in Salesforce, will have Italic font, and you cannot edit values in these columns. To add a new row, enter the required values to the last row of the table that is highlighted with green.

To apply the changes to actual data in the database, click the Commit button. Or click Rollback to rollback all the changes. Please note that the changes are not saved to the database till you click Commit, even if you save the workbook.

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