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Discussion on: Moving From Tailwind To Vanilla-er CSS

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Andreas Øverland

It looks like we have a shift towards using more "vanilla" code. Both in CSS, JS and HTML in general. I really like that trend. Vanilla is a loaded word though. I think it has become a hallmark of something "not great". But I think many of us has experienced the actual "not great" feeling of going in to maintain a webapp written perhaps 2 years ago by using all the libraries&frameworks that were cool back then: If you chose to upgrade the libbraries&frameworks, you are in for one helluva ride. On the other hand, if those webapps were written using mostly vanilla tech, you may end up not having to do a single upgrade. Go Vanilla!

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Anthony Bouvier

I seriously hope we are on a trend towards more "vanilla" code with CSS, JS, and HTML. I'm appalled at the current state of front end over-engineering.