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Discussion on: Why is GitHub supporting Child Separation Agency?

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Andrei Rusu • Edited on

Hey everyone. I'm jumping in here a bit later, but I hope you will still consider this. It is deeply troubling that in a forum such as this one here, we are still debating if we can call ICE "a democratic institution".

It is beyond any dispute that it is an organization with a blatant disregard for human suffering. The question to be asked here is not if we should abolish it, it is how we can influence that decision. And publicly calling out Github for its association is a start, a step in the right direction.

Whether or not the detention centres are at the same level or comparable with Nazi "concentration camps" is also beside the point. It would take a committee of Holocaust historians and other experts to draw that conclusion. But there is ample evidence of appalling treatment of the detainees and horrible incidents, including deaths due to negligence, that have occurred in those facilities, something which is in open violation with international law.

You don't have to link those incidents to atrocities that have occurred in the Nazi concentration camps in order to validate their evilness. And you don't have to wait for the ICC or the UN to issue a statement before condemning them as facilities which operate on a policy of subhuman treatment. And regarding the defence of the "duly elected" democratic system, please keep in mind that some of the most horrendous authoritarians have risen to power also by "democratic" means.

For us, as software professionals, the question still remains why is Github, indeed, so enthusiastic about this contract. Also, it should be pointed out that voting isn't the only legitimate way to interact in a democracy. For example, citizens of Switzerland can at any point request a referendum and ask that specific laws which they don't agree with should be revisited.

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shushugah Author

Indeed, and even despite the massive pushback and campaigns, GitHub is doubling down, and at the next Git Merge conference, they invited Palantir to speak....just why?