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Discussion on: On-Demand Compute Pricing: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google

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Juan C. Andreu

I think that it's not well done.

First, azure also offers a calculator:

And second, because you are just comparing prices of similar machines, saying that one company wins for such small margin, when the running up company offers a relatively better hardware.

For example: Standard 4CPU: Difference between azure and google of 0.005/hour, yes it's cheaper BUT:

On RAM: azure has 1GB more of ram . Yes it's just a bit of ram but on the other side, it's just half cent more (which is $3.6/month ($44 /year) for that GB, for some people maybe it's worth it, considering that they cost around $140/month (about 1700/year) .

On CPU: Azure uses: 2.3 GHz Intel XEON ® E5-2673 v4 (Broadwell). Google says that uses several generations. And for the broadwell they use run at 2.2 GHz(source: in this case is abotu

So, for both cases it's a small price increase that matches an increase of machine size.

If you go with any company, just because of $0.005 per hour, you are not taking a smart decision, but just rushing to save 1 cup of coffee per month :)

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Juan C. Andreu

And actually, for RAM based machine, in azure you should go for E series, where you went for general purpose D12.

Azure Standard_E4s_v3 CPU: 4 RAM:32 = $0.266/hour = 0.0083125/GBRam/Hour
Google n1-highmem-4 CPU: 4 RAM:26 = $0.234/hour = 0.009/GBRam/Hour

Who is more expensive here? :)

At the end everything is calculated, and all companies take this into account. You think amazon does not know this?
Prices are public, and everything costs the same, you are not just paying hardware, but also all the services that goes around it.

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Jignesh Solanki Author

Thanks Juan for the critical comments. An apple-to-apple comparison in cloud services is very difficult. I have tried here to simplify the problem and show the readers a way how you can compare the compute resources based on the purpose of its use. Also the post helps a business decision maker to know which cloud provider gives them best price.

You are absolutely right in pointing out that opting for the provider which gives $0.005 lesser quote is a bad decision. There are many other factors such as reliability, ease of configuration, security, availability of cloud services which determine the final decision of choosing my cloud partner.

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Jody Dott

maybe showing it as quadrants? price/ram vs cpu/ram and see which is in the sweat spot?