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Discussion on: Going from Windows (Lenovo 14") to MacBook Pro 13"

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Andrew Baisden

I used to have an old 17inch Dell XPS. Then I switched to a different laptop which had a 15inch screen. I was a bit apprehensive when changing to a smaller screen but I adapted. Then I made the choice to buy a MacBook. I spent weeks comparing the 15inch to the 13inch because I thought 13inch would be too small. Sure it’s portable but back then it was not super powerful. Long story short I have had a 2014 MacBook Pro for 6 years! And I do not regret it. You can easily scale the resolution up and down so you get more than enough screen real estate.

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Emmanuel Obogbaimhe Author

Thats great, really encouraging. Thanks. You know I just took that advice and changed the resolution, its so much better now.