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Discussion on: Why you should become a Full-Stack Developer

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Andrew Baisden Author • Edited on

In my experience I regret not looking into back-end earlier I was so stuck on only using the front-end and staying oblivious to anything back-end. I missed out on so many jobs because they wanted someone who knew the basics of SQL even though it was a front-end role and I refused to even think about looking at SQL back then.

I also thought that databases and servers were hard, too technically confusing and out of my scope. Now it just feels natural working on the back-end and switching to the front-end.

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Yes, absolutely, I think the key point here is to know the sweet spot for making that jump, but as you're pointing out it's healthy to stay curious about the other field and try to at least get an overview of what's out there and what you need.

Maybe it's a bit easier to go from a back-end job to trying things out on your own in front-end than vice versa, because back-end without any previous experience seems like a black box full of magic. For front-ends SQL is one of the main concerns and for back-ends I think it's CSS :D