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Discussion on: Passing AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

I create AWS education content and the reason I created my platform was just as Tomasz is saying something. Linux Academy and ACloudGuru combine can't help you pass the exam for someone who is green to AWS.

So this is what I have been working to solve by having more practical follow-alongs which use multiple services interconnected so the information sticks better.

Also just have more cheatsheets, quiz questions and flashcards on every part of the journey, and practice exam questions which are delivered in an exam simulator that helps you master before you move on.

I'm currently have been busy this month refreshing all my exam content. You won't find my core content on Udemy since I deplore Udemy's relationship with content creators.

Jon Bonso and Stephane Maarek are the new up and coming content creators for AWS Certification on Udemy, they're both really nice guys and really care about raising the bar so I would certainly recommend them.

I do still hear people failing with these fellows contents well and so I think it really comes down to packaging the content in a smart LMS that can give you the end-to-end coaching for the least inexperienced.