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Discussion on: Django vs Ruby on Rails: Web Frameworks Comparison

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

I'm very sorry but this comparison of Pros and Cons is superficial and inaccurate of these two frameworks. Just to prove my point on one point listed above (with factual proof):

Ruby on Rails Documentation

Ruby on Rails has excellent documentation. This article purports that the quality of documentation varies so implicitly applies that Django has better documentation. This is not true. When comparing Ruby on Rails documentation with Django. RoR wins.

Compare the security pages documents. You will see Ruby on Rails dots the eyes on everything where you need to go digging with Django.

The Rails API is thoroughly documented.

I can't even find the Django's API. So after searching for 5 mins I can't find an equivalent for Django that documents things. You could easily mistake this being the API Reference:

But all get is lock documentation on the components but not at the code level. You know why? Because Django does not document their API. You simply browse the codebase on GIthub to tell.

Look at Rails. They a very through describing how all their code works:

Browse as much as you may you will not find it in Django.

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David MM🐍

I love Django, and most Django developers love the docs, but I dislike it.

It is well written, but the information is dispersed. Sometimes to do something, you need to look for information in 3 or 4 pages.

I would like to see something like Flutter, for example, on ListViews we have:

The class, a lot of examples, to the right we have the constructors, properties, methods, etc.