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Receiving adulation for my work is my lowest priority of needs. So I would not react.

Even if I could afford to care about receiving adulation I would accept that I was in a role that is common not to receive praise which would quell its importance.

If receiving adulation was an important factor to me my actions would be decided based on my reputation score.

Asking for the company to be inclusive of my need for adulation would result in a hard-check against my reputation which could set me back for advancement in my career or switching jobs.

  • If I could not afford a hard-check to my reputation I would switch companies
  • If I could afford a hard-check to my reputation then I would ask the company to comply with my request
  • If I had a very good reputation score. We're talking 900+ then I would get a formal offer from another company and show it to the company and negotiate a better deal or it not take the new offer.

This is what I would do. But I don't know if my advice or any other is best for you.
Do you deserve the share of the praise? Yes.

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