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What's an abstract?

For me slides are everything. For a 20min talk, I'll have 40 slides.

I'll also have 10 additional slides and I'll purposely leave some low hanging fruit in the talk so that people will ask an obvious question and then I can pull up a Q&A slide. If no one asks me questions then, I can ask the questions I thought would have been asked and answer them. It fills up that Q&A for that shy audience.

I never do live demos, and being to enough talks they appear to slow down the talk. Instead, I just lift screenshots of the steps, this helps keep pace.

I've asked attendees where I should put my contact information, The last slide in the right corner.
If you can fit a handle on every slide sounds great.


Slides are important in terms of how it relates to the content of your talk, but getting hung up on colors and design at the expense of content is something I try to avoid.

And to each their own on live demos. I think it depends a lot on the code/demo.


What is an abstract?

I just throw my slides together as fast as I can.

Abstract is a description of your talk. Often something you include when submitting your talk to a conference and it tends to be included on the conference website.

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