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I am a little bit confused… Is it 3 months repeated for 15 years? Or something else? Could you write a more detailed comment? Thank you in advance!


I've created 40+ production application in that time frame generally on 3 month time lines.

Is there also some drawback of staying only for three months with a single application, and then moving on? What do you think?

I would say heavy production for 3 months, but many were maintained long-term, just not needing active development some as long as 10 years and still going.

When you are focused on putting that many apps into production you learn to go vanilla, find more reusability, carefully choose projects where you can stack effort.

At that speed, you can't stagnate since you need to keep pace.

Got it. Makes sense! I’m curious, have you been doing this alone, or was it a team effort?

I started alone and became a 10 person team (my company), but I was out churning apps and felt my existence was to supply paychecks for people who wanted cushy jobs and building passive income apps that never worked because the clients were just in it for the money.

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