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Andre Willomitzer
Andre Willomitzer

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OSD600 Final Release Planning

Release 0.4

For this final assignment, we are tasked with contributing to another repository as we have done in the past. I am hoping to improve my Karma test skills even further by developing some tests that run in a Docker container. This is done in an application I intend to help add Karma to called solr-node-client.

The reason this must be done is the maintainers have let me know that the tests should fail in Karma because the application uses something known as undici under the hood which is not supported in browsers.

My Plan

My initial part will simply be writing the Karma config file and adding the existing tests to the Karma test commands. However, I am hoping to have enough time and skill to also find a solution with the help of the maintainers and to have a workaround in place for browser compatibility. Perhaps I will be able to write a few tests as well in order to get more experience with writing Jest and Karma tests.

What I hope to learn

I am hoping to learn again from experienced developers like Igor Savin and the folks at solr-node-client. Through this I will learn about browser testing and hope to write some tests of my own for the project (whatever they happen to want tested). Furthermore I think this will be a good overall learning experience to understand asynchronous programming because the API uses promises which I have less experience with than synchronous styles.

I am excited and let's see how the next couple weeks go!

Andre :)

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