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Discussion on: On Death and Dying: Ruby on Rails

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Andrew Mason • Edited on

  2. This is an incredibly well written article and you are to be commended. It’s hilarious that I detailed in length my intention to write an article with the same name but decided to do it tomorrow which I’m happy about bc this is much more in-depth than my outline.

  3. The is Rails dead question imo exists in 2021 because we joke about it without realizing others don’t know it’s a joke. What’s incredibly unfortunate about this is some people will never get to experience it because of that and because junior developers are paying the price by being told by their mentors that rails isn’t a viable option. We can and need to do better.

Rails is undeniably getting hot again. Some, myself included, lovingly call it a Renaissance. But the bottom line is if we don’t want Rails to die we need to be empowering the next generation of developers and helping them find work and advocating for them at our companies.

Whether Rails will die or not depends on whether we start making sure it doesn’t. And if we don’t, we are murdering Rails all by ourself.

Again this was phenomenal. Thanks for a great read.