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‘There’s got to be a way’ — is my mantra!

With more and more published Dart Packages under my belt, I felt a readily available means for developers to contact me for support was warranted. This page is now attached to the many articles I write on Below, are some way you can get a hold of me with your questions.

Of course, there’s the old fashion way by email:

GITTER flutter/flutter

For your more general Flutter questions and concerns, I’ll recommend you go to GITTER flutter/flutter where the Flutter community lives and attempts to help its members with their every day challenges in Flutter.

GITTER flutter/flutter

Andrious on GITTER

I do have my own page on Gitter where you can post specific issues regarding the Flutter Packages I’ve currently released and support.

GITTER Andrious/community


DISCORD of Flutter is another resource I’ll recommend. It offers leads to further resources and, of course, a means to seek insight and advise by your fellow Flutter developers.

DISCORD of Flutter

Dart Packages Issues

Get direct support from my published Dart Packages by submitting an issue for a specific package. Click below on the Dart Package of concern and entery and existing issues for a solution or enter a new issue:

Dart Packages

My Beard and Butter

I can be found on Upwork making myself available to World-wide clients.

Greg P. — Full Stack Developer, iOS & Android Cross-Platform Flutter Expert

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