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Discussion on: Direct Lambda Resolvers with AWS Amplify and AppSync

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Matt Marks 🐣 Author • Edited

@nxtra , in order to do this for a mutation, you'd set the typeName: Mutation and fieldName: yourMutationName. Query, Mutation and Subscription are really just a Type like Todo.

The one gotcha is that you can't create a resolver on a mutation that already has one. Example being createToDo. Amplify has already created a resolver for it inside CloudFormation. You'll need to either to add @model(mutations: null) so you can override it or create a custom mutation. I prefer the custom mutation because then I still have access to the autogenerated vtl from Amplify. There are times where the authorization rules that are generated in the response.vtl can still be useful.

  "MutationyourMutationNameLambdaResolver": {
  "Type": "AWS::AppSync::Resolver",
  "Properties": {
    "ApiId": {
        "Ref": "AppSyncApiId"
    "DataSourceName": "DirectLambdaResolverLambdaDataSource",
    "TypeName": "Mutation",
    "FieldName": "yourMutationName"

  "DependsOn": "DirectLambdaResolverLambdaDataSource"
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Thanks for the info! I didn't realize yet that indeed a resolver with that name already exists if you name it like that.
Until now I've been making custom Resolvers with lambda functions as pipeline resolvers. I'll try to convert one to a "no-more-vtl" version using your guide.