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Discussion on: Neither You nor Your Work Has to be Perfect

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Andrei Gatej

In my opinion, perfectionism sometimes stems from your ambition as a dev to know exactly how something works.

For example, these days I’ve had a task to build a website for a small company and I was the only one on the team who wanted to avoid using Bootstrap & jQuery.
We did it my way, because I was the most experienced among the team members. This entailed the fact that I spent a lot of time converting their work(which was built with bs &jq) into vanilla css & js.

But, at the end of the project, I can say that I’m glad things went this way. The code is clean and readable. I wanted to improve my css skills and I did it.
Despite this, I’ll never do this to my team again. I should’ve respected their decision, but I want to improve myself at the same time.

I’m sorry if I digressed a little bit. This was an important lesson to me.

Thanks for the post!

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Ashlee (she/her) Author

I agree with you, and this sounds like it was a great learning experience for you in multiple ways! You got to polish your skills and a few takeways from the team experience.