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When working with multiple windows, cmd + backtick works wonders. It allows you to navigate between windows easily. Didn't know that was a hotkey until I was knee-deep into learning programming.

I also switch between my trackpad and mouse every now and then, and I use a little app called ScrollReverser that lets me scroll normally (scroll up to scroll up, scroll down to scroll down) on a mouse and keep Apple's "natural gesture scrolling" for the trackpad.

@peter you probably have some tips?


Yeah I discovered cmd + backtick about a month ago. Good stuff. There's also CTRL + ⬇️ which shows you all the windows of an application and then you can use the arrow keys to select a window, even if it is minimized.


Let me suggest HyperSwitch, you can map it to cmd+tab instead of system's switcher and it will instead just apps show you all windows for all apps as does switcher on Windows...

It's in beta, but works on Mojave OK.

cc: @andy

Thanks for sharing Richard. I'll check it out when I have a chance.


I use Alfred a lot to find files, launch programs, jump into subreddits, DEV tags, and perform custom searches on,,,, and many others.

I'm a religious user of cmd+tab and cmd+backtick to switch windows... I haven't clicked the dock in ages.

I use CloudApp to clipboard screenshots and screen recordings.

The most common keyboard shortcut that I feel like not enough people know about is cmd + L in browser to jump to the address bar. I find myself using that many times a day for keyboard-less navigation.


Yeah, I made the dock as tiny as possible and set it to auto-hide. You can't actually remove it, so I modified the amount of time before the dock shows itself , e.g. defaults write autohide-time-modifier -int 60, where int is a value in seconds.

I actually realized I do have two use-cases for using the dock:

1) Opening a file that's saved to my Desktop / Downloads folder (both of which have "Folder" icons in my dock)

2) Related — dragging a screenshot file from my Desktop icon onto the Photoshop icon to open that file.

In both cases, that seems like the more ergonomic solution than cmd+tabbing to Finder and grabbing the file, or opening up Photoshop and then finding the file.


Not strictly OSX but if you want to maximize keyboard usage I can't recommend surfingkeys enough.

Oh wow. I used Vimium a while back but stopped for some reason. I'll give this a try. Thank you for the rec.

Welcome! I forgot to mention my additional configuration is here although it's mostly skinning.

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