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Discussion on: Speed up next-page navigations with prefetching

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Great overview! I wonder if this is something we ( would use. Any thoughts @ben ?

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Ben Halpern

Yeah, I'm super into this kind of stuff. We have some workarounds for performance which make it not quite as obvious when and where we'd make use, but I'm super down to pick the right places to start working with this.

I played with prefetch a while back and then kind of let my efforts drop off. I'm super in favor of finding good spots for our use.

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Addy Osmani Author

Awesome! Love to hear if you end up experimenting with the ideas here more. In case tries quicklink, we just released a new version that gives you a lot more control over what links/URLs to ignore (RegExp, Array or Function) and what origins you'd like to enable prefetching for too: