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Discussion on: Have you ever attended pointless meetings?

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I was thinking about a couple types of blah meetings today:

  1. meetings where no one seems to care - standups can feel like this sometimes, no? it's kind of like a demoralizing spiral - somehow being a little unmotivated is worse when your colleagues also are
  2. poorly run meetings - it's like writing a five paragraph essay, tell us what we're doing, do it, tell us what we did; I've been to so many meetings where people jump in without laying down some pieces to make sure everyone's understanding is on the same page. and I really dislike when we don't wrap it up with action items, notes.
  3. good meetings where important people are left off - seen this on siloed teams sometimes; especially if you don't have a good practice of recording, or sending out short summaries, or making an effort to loop those people in, sometimes information lives and dies in meetings.