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Discussion on: Pair Programming Patterns

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Andy Preston

I've never found traditional pair programming to be useful. Introverts find it painful to have someone watch everything they're doing, but might be too scared to speak up. Not worth the stress it puts on them IMO.

The strong technique falls into the same pitfalls that developers encounter when they blindly copy and paste code while watching a YouTube video. They miss the opportunity for their brain to connect the neurons while they work out the problem.

I find the rubber duck technique great for learning a new codebase, since I usually like to explore the code myself and then ask someone from the original team for help if something isn't immediately obvious.

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bob.js Author

Thanks for the insights.

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Cameron Barker

Have to add to the rubber duck technique, even working on my own project rather a new codebase I find it helps just trying to run through what you are doing to someone unrelated.

Even in events where you don't get a response you pick up on something you have missed when describing what you are doing. Something about describing a process to someone forces you not to skip over things in your head.