What is "Dice loss" for image segmentation?

鄭仕群 on January 30, 2018

1. Dice loss 是什麼 ?          Dice loss是Fausto Milletari等人在V-net中提出的Loss function,其源於Sørensen–Dice coefficient,是Thorvald Sørensen和Lee Ra... [Read Full]
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您好,您可以分享一下后续的关于 Dice loss 和 BCE loss 的文章的标题吗? 看到了这篇文章The Importance of Skip Connections in Biomedical Image Segmentation. 他也使用了Dice Coef 但是使用了不一样的实现,您怎么看


那篇的L(Dice) = 2 * (E(x * y)) / E(x) + E(y)


Thank you for this excellent introduction on dice coefficient. Looking forward to your more sharing.

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