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Discussion on: I'm Chris Coyier from CodePen, CSS-Tricks, and ShopTalk Show. Ask Me Anything!

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Ashley E

Hey Chris, huge fan of Codepen and CSS Tricks!

I've been trying to level up my CSS skills by learning some advanced concepts (custom properties, extending them with JS, etc.) but as CSS has so much going on, what would you say is a good part to focus on for advanced/expert level work?


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Chris Coyier Ask Me Anything

Howdy Ashley!

It's funny, it's very rare I choose to study up on something just for the sake of it. While I think (to go on your example of custom properties) they are cool, I'm not sure I've sat down to just study them independently. It's usually like enough reading to grasp the point of them, letting that lodge in your brain, then next time I'm writing CSS, hoping that my brain presents them as a possible solution to a situation.

Even now, my muscle memory for them has grown to the point I automatically start variable-izing CSS values as I write CSS. It's almost too strong, as I think a lot of CSS variable usage is still best left to CSS preprocessors.

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