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Discussion on: A simple way to detect if browser is on a mobile device with Javascript

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Kristy Whalen

I didn't read your link, if you provided a solution using that link, my apologies. Otherwise, do you have a better solution? I'm thinking you do ;-)

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Oskar Bechtold

That link shows that using UserAgent is unreliable. If you trust my comment you don't need to read the source :-)

In one of our projects, we have a workaround that checks for screen size, pixel density, touch and other features only available on mobile devices. It seems to work reliably, but it is an Angular module, that I can't share at the moment. Unfortunately, we don't have a plain JS solution yet. That's also the reason why I did search for a simpler way again (for a non-angular project) and found your solution. At first, I was amazed, but then I realized that we have tried this approach in the past and it was not reliable enough for what we needed. So I just wanted to leave this comment here, so people know about it. For this project, I'm back to simple breakpoints considering the width of the screen.

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Karl Snyder • Edited

"Browser identification based on detecting the user agent string is unreliable and is not recommended, as the user agent string is user configurable."

If we require that users don't modify their UserAgent in order to use our website then the UserAgent is perfectly reliable!