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I decided to give up on Angular, a bloated over-engineered and complex to learn mess! I cut my teeth with Angular and made a lot of money consulting as a Angular dev. I drank the kool-aid and use to champion it. Now I know better, I would never recommend using Angular for enterprise dev, too much time wasted fixing breaking changes. The larger the project the more painful and wasteful these upgrade cycles are, there is angular, rxjs, ngrx and yes crappy angular material with its own set of bugs that never get fixed or accessibility issues that have gone unfixed.

With Angular the developer is forced to (keep) re-learning the eco-system over and over as none of this over-engineer complexity was designed with the developer in mind.

I switched over to Vue.js, it is smaller, a lot faster with rendering, forget the Ivy hype! Plus Vue.js is really well designed and doesn't get in the way like angular does. Easy to learn and to remember skills learned, the routing and global store (vuex) is a joy to use! Gone are the boilerplate coding in Angular + batteries! With Vue.js 3.0 out, switching away from Angular has never been a saner choice!


Yes but compare the job postings and vue comes in last.


This certainly depends on the region of the world you're looking for jobs in.

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