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In the end, we will not remember how good you are with coding, but how many people are using your codes

Software development is all about shipping. Our jobs as developers is not just to write codes, but build solutions that other people will find useful.

You don’t get paid for writing codes, you get paid for shipping useful solutions.

Most developers thinks in terms of writing codes and using algorithms. Whereas, Project Manager's thinks about shipping the codes. Companies and business are not looking for someone who can just write codes, but knowledge of coding is very important, I don’t dispute that, but shipping solutions is what companies prioritise on than coding. So the next time you click on your IDE or Code Editor, you should ask yourself “am I going to ship this code”. The new metric for measuring how good a developer is, is how many projects you have shipped, not how many lines of codes you can write. In 2020, you should focus more on building things that people find useful.


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