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Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends 2018

Anita Shah
I am Project Coordinator at topmost mobile app development company, XongoLab. I like to write and sharing innovative ideas related to latest technology.
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The mobile app industry has witnessed a remarkable journey in last year. If we look at the stats, more than 254 billion free apps were downloaded in 2017. Do you know adults aged above 25 use their Smartphone 264 times in a single day, including text and calls? Well, this is unbelievable, but a harsh reality today.

Whether it is about simply checking emails, listening music, playing videos, social media or even learning alphabets, people tend to rely on different mobile apps and expect innovation with each passing day. As a result of this, mobile application development and mobile devices have evolved in complexity, making it more useful but tedious to manage.

We’ve seen, in fact, talked a lot about how mobile industry influenced businesses and individuals last year. Today, mobile app development is no more an option, but a necessity for the businesses to sustain in the market.

Today, when mobile users are more technology oriented and expecting innovation through mobile apps with the emergence of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality in 2017, how the apps will look like in the year ahead? What are the mobile application development trends everyone should watch out in 2018? Well, we have got a bunch of possible mobile application development trends that can help you hit the target in 2018.

1. Augmented Reality was in news last year and will continue hitting grounds this year too!
In last year, Google and Apple were running to neck-to-neck to win the battle of Augmented Reality, with the launch of ARCore and ARKit from Google and Apple respectively. These are two rock-solid platforms which any professional mobile app development company can leverage to build AR apps for their clients.

With the immense capabilities to provide compelling user experience, AR-based mobile apps will be the key for the businesses and innovators to grab the attention of the potential users in 2018.

2. IoT and Wearable Apps is the next big thing in 2018...
Today the concept of smart cities, smart homes, smart health and industrial IoT is rapidly growing in the market. No matter what it is, whether it is about health industry, education or smart homes, IoT and wearable mobile apps will be in limelight in 2018.

Of course, IoT is yet not matured enough and might take some time to get the pace, but it is here to play longer and it will surely. On the other hand, wearable apps like smart watches and other connected wearable devices have created a huge impact in past few years. With the techno giants like Apple and Google, wearable apps are yet to be explored more in the coming years.

3. Smarter, but secure apps will dominate the market!
Of course, mobile users need innovative apps with the help of augmented reality or AI, but they are smarter when it comes to the security! The days are gone when we were talking about malware or viruses on desktops and laptops. Because today smart devices are only devices the end-users have to perform all their activities.

Hackers today can easily break into smartphones and tablets, making mobile apps vulnerable to attack and steal the confidential details. So, mobile apps development services should focus on the security of the apps and design apps that can detect possible threats to the mobile devices. Such kind of security will be more relevant and appropriate for Android users as well as for the organizations having BYOD strategy to mitigate the security risks in 2018.

4. People want more of ON-DEMAND mobile apps in 2018...
In 2017, on-demand mobile apps have managed to gain attention from the mobile users and made their life easier. Well, it has set a new trend and people today want more of on demand mobile apps in future. The reason behind it is that we can use such apps at our convenience and at any place we want.

The success of Uber, Peapod, Airbnb has encouraged many individuals and small business owners to go for such a unique concept of providing services on demand. Whether it is about food ordering, car cleaning, cab services or even laundry, more and more start-ups wants to leverage from on demand mobile app development in the year ahead.

5. Better web page loading with the help of “Accelerated Mobile Page”...
Last but not the least trend to watch out in 2018 is – Accelerated mobile page. It is a new way to boost up the web page load time within mobile app devices. From the end-user experience perspective, this can really spice up the bounce rate, improve conversation and retain visitors for your mobile web page.

If you’re a developer or into an online business, accelerated mobile page is one of the most important trends to pay attention in 2018. Since it is from Google itself, it will help you gain higher ranks in mobile devices and search engine benefits too!!!

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