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.NET Core 3.1 Release New Features

Microsoft has released the new version of .NET Core 3.1 with the resolution of all errors and drawbacks of .Net Core 3.0. It allows the developers to work efficiently with C++/CLI throughout different Operating Systems. As per the Microsoft team, no provision of further changes is required for the next 3 years. So, this version is considered a more stable software application.
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Hence, it’s recommended to Download Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4 instead of only .NET core 3.1 to get downloaded both Visual studio and ASP.NET core 3.1 together. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Following new features are found in .Net Core 3.1

1. Preview channel option of Mac 8.4 OS

Visual Studio version for Mac also supports along with .NET Core 3.1 for preview channel option of Mac 8.4 OS.

2. Paying attention to Blazor and Windows Desktop

The .NET Core 3.1 primarily focused on the two new and big additions in .NET Core 3.0 such as Windows Desktop and Blazor and also provides great support for C#, C++/CLI with CLR Class Library (.NET Core) and CLR Empty Project (.NET Core).

3. Operating Systems

.NET Core 3.1 is compatible following operating systems:

Please Note: Only the Win Forms and WPF apps are functioning and supported on Windows client.

4. Chip support

  • x86 on Windows
  • x64 on Windows, Linux, and macOS,
  • ARM64 on Linux (Use Linux kernel version 4.14 or later)
  • ARM32 on Windows and Linux

5. Which Controls of Win Forms are removed from .NET Core 3.1?

The .NET Core 3.1 has removed the Win Forms controls such as:##

  • DataGrid
  • ContextMenu
  • Toolbar
  • Menu
  • MainMenu

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