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Top 50 React JS Interview Questions

React JS Interview Questions

If you're looking for React JS Interview Questions and Answers? If YES, then this blog is for you!

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, React JS has a market share of about 7.3%.

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Mindmajix designed this blog with the latest 2020 updated ReactJS Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced professionals. These React interview questions will help you to crack the React interview easily. Let's get into them.

Top React JS Interview Questions (Updated - 2020)

Here top ReactJS interview questions:

What is React?
Why React is used?
How React works?
What are the features of ReactJS?
What are the Advantages of React JS?
How is React different from AngularJS?
How ReactJS framework is different as compared to others?
What are the life Cycles of ReactJS?

ReactJS Interview Questions and Answers -For Beginners

Q1: What is React?

Ans. React is a front-end JavaScript library that mainly follows the component-based approach for building a user interface (UI) components for a single page application. It is also used for handling the view layer in both mobile and web apps. Moreover, react plays a crucial role in developing interactive mobile and web UIs. It was created and developed by Jordan Walke; it was deployed first on the Facebook newsfeed in 2011.

Q2: Why React is used?

Ans: The following reasons make one to use React for building User Interfaces (UI), and they are:

Easy to learn nature
High scalability
Increase performance
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Q3: How React works?

Ans. Below is the sequence of steps which gives an idea about how does react work

Firstly the react runs the diffing algorithm to identify the changes that are made in the virtual DOM.
Next step is reconciliation, this is used to update the DOM as per the new features.
Now, the virtual DOM, which is lightweight in nature and is detached from the specific implementation of the browser.
Followingly the ReactElements which are present in virtual DOM are used to build basic nodes.
Finally, if the ReactComponent changes the state; the diffing algorithm runs faster and identify the changes. After identification, it automatically updates the DOM with the change difference.

Q4: What are the features of ReactJS?

Ans: The features of React JS are as follows:

  1. React improves SEO performance

React boost the performance of the SEO to higher levels as a search engine faces the problem while reading JavaScript of high loaded applications.

  1. React acts as a standard for mobile app development

It provides a transition process as an ideal solution for both mobile and web applications for building rich user interfaces.

  1. React makes the process of writing components easier

Using React along with JSX will make you write components and code efficiently and clearly.

  1. React increases efficiency

As the React boost the efficiency of components by reusing them. This is the reason why it is considered as an ideal feature of React. It is considered as the most reusable system component.

  1. React ensures stable code

It ensures the stability of the code of an application by making use of downward dataflow.

Reactjs features

Q5: What are the Advantages of React JS?

Ans: The advantages of React are as follows

Usage of JSX makes easier to read and write code
Improves the performance of applications with the use of virtual DOM
Provides an easier way to integrate with frameworks
It can be shared and rendered both on server and client-side
Writing integration and unit tests can be made smother by using tools

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