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How to start with competitive coding...?

Everyone is aware about so many competitive platforms but don't really know which one to choose. We all have been told by our seniors teachers to start with competitive coding and with that motivation we create an account and start solving, but we don't really understand those problems and the we either give up or copy.
But what's the right way...

According to me the right way is...To know where you Stand.
To understand how much of the basics you know...
Are you comfortable with all those starters problem like palindrome, min-max, Even-odd-prime nos, Binary Sort etc. If you are not comfortable with these you know now where to work. Understand them, Practice them. Make sure you practice it concept wise while knowing its applications too. This will help you identify problems where you can use these concepts.

Once your basics are clear I'll suggest you to start with your journey and simultaneously start learning Data Structures and Algorithms.
This will be enough to start.

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