How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac

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Mac OS X lets you easily take a screenshot of your computer's desktop or an active window. You can use different ways to make a specific screenshot according to your needs. No matter if you are using Mavericks, Mountain Lion, or other versions of the Mac operating system, you will find a good summary of all the methods you can use to take your screenshot on your iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac Air/mini.

How to take a Mac screenshot?

  1. Take a Mac Screenshot of your entire screen by simultaneously pressing Command - Shift - 3
  2. Take a screenshot of the selected area with the keys Command - Ctrl-Shift - 3
  3. Take a partial photo of your Mac screen with Command - Shift - 4
  4. Take a screenshot of a specific application window using the Command - Shift - 4 - Space keys
  5. Take a good Mac OS X Screenshot using Grab Utility

  6. How to take a screenshot of your entire screen
    This method is one of the most common for taking an entire screenshot of your Mac. This type of Screenshot allows you to capture everything that is displayed on the computer. Please make sure that the display on the screen is exactly what you want to take a picture of. Then press the Command and Shift buttons at the same time, and then Press the number 3 button. The screenshot will automatically be saved to your Mac desktop.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac

  1. How to take a screenshot of the selected area This screen capture option for the selected area is not immediately saved as a file on your Mac. Instead, it is saved to the clipboard. You can do this by pressing the Command - Ctrl-Shift - 3 keys simultaneously; Then by pasting it into another program to be able to modify it later.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac

  1. How to take a partial screenshot of your screen You can make a Screenshot of any part of the screen on your Mac with this method. First, make sure that the screen you want to capture is on top of all the other screens displayed on your computer. Then press Command - Shift - 4. After that, your cursor will turn into a small crosshair. You can use it to select the area of ​​which you would like to take a photo, for that, click from a given point and hold the button while dragging the cursor to the other end of the desired part. When you release your mouse, the screenshot will be automatically saved to the desktop. Read More.....

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