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My experience in MLH LHD: Build

In the previous week, I participated in major hacking league's local hack day: build and I would like to share my experience in the weeklong fun event.

So to begin with, the first day was very much about just creating a guild, having fun in events, creating something new using a new language and a lot more. I used lolcode for the first time in this challenge (highly recommend that). I merged some pull requests for the challenge and attended some live events and workshops.
At the end of the day, a leaderboard was released and I realized that I was around at some 70 position, that feeling excited me to do more challenges to get more points for the next day.
Then the following days, I created a lot of things which includes working with a lot of APIs for the first time, including the OpenWeather API and twilio API using which I created this Temperature Messanger, a discord bot using discord API, and a simple map searcher using openStreetMap API and some other modules.
In addition to that, I created some android projects too using Kotlin including a basic To-do App and a birthday card app following the Google's Kotlin tutorial.
For the first time, I explored Web Scraping and created a project to get movie data from the IMDB website using beautiful-soup.
I also used Kaggle dataset for the first time for data analysis using Python's pandas and matplotlib library. Also created some other projects including tic-tac-toe using python (also livestreamed this using twitch for the first time for a challenge), created a demo for my project, a random number generator without using random etc.
I also coded in flask for the first time using the MLH starter kit and guidance from an MLH mentor.

More than all the projects, I met some amazing people and communities throughout the week, our guild Equicode hosted a meet to share a coffee with all the guildmates, we had some nice fun interactive sessions and learned a lot from each other. I also got the chance to meet more like minded people, explore ideas and to have a lot more fun together.
We also collaborated with other top guilds to have a session together in which I met with Eddiehub community and discussed about each other's experience.

Overall, our guild came 3rd in the overall ranking and I came at 57th rank in the overall challenge, but more than that, the learning I've done during this whole week, even staying up till 4AM IST to attend the events were some of the amazing thing I did this hackathon.

You can view most of my code in this repo:


This repository contains projects created for the Major Hacking League Local Hack Day challenges.

Also, anybody looking to create their first pull requests are welcome to add their names in file.

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